Driving Lessons Newtownabbey

Driving Lessons In Newtownabbey

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Money back guarantee, if you are not happy with any lesson, tell us before the lesson ends, and we will refund the lesson price.

Driving lessons can be taken at a time to suit you, either a 1-hour lesson per week or something more intense, it is up to you. Ask Ken your personal instructor for advice on what is the best for you. 

6 Tips on how to pass your practical driving test first time

To have a very good chance of a 1st time pass, we recommend the following : for driving lessons In Newtownabbey

1. Take regular lessons, at least one per week. Varying the time of day you take them will also help you gain more experience. 

2. Taking your driving lessons in two hour sessions (this is so much more beneficial than taking single hours).

3. Ask your driving instructor lots of questions (they love helping you to answer them).

4. If you have been learning elsewhere, you will be amazed at our modern coaching style of approach.

5. Every driving lesson will have a definite objective, there will be no just driving around Newtownabbey like an aimless chicken.

6. Regular recaps will be used to check your level of understanding.

To help speed up your learning process we provide free theory test study materials. To see more about the Theory Test Click Here

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We cover Driving lessons in Newtownabby, Glengormley,  Whitehead, Carrickfergus, Greenisland, Whiteabbey, ,Jordanstown, Monkstown , Rathcoole, and North Belfast.

Driving Lessons Newtownabbey

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